Act da Fool

Posted in designer, movie by theosee on September 3, 2010

Though iconic American director Harmony Korine’s short film for Proenza Schouler’s fall ’10 collection
officially went live yesterday on, teething problems on the site meant the video
was down most of the day. Their webmasters fixed the glitch today, so now you can devote 5 minutes
listening to a narrator say things like”my friends and I are gangs of fool…we can act like wild animals, we
can do some messed up shit.” Korine weaves insome familiar imagery you might recognize from the hugely
influential Kids, his first script. Malt liquor, fried chicken, strippers, and old tires compliment the crazily
printed pants,leather dresses, and a killer double-breasted fur coat in a way that’s ironic but weirdly touching.
We’re not sure if we’d wear Proenza to spray paint a dumpster, but if Korine told us to

“go fuck up the world [and] burn shit,” we probably would.

Fucking love this!

Proenza Schouler
Director : Harmony Korine
Stylist : Mel Ottenberg
Producer : Scott Pierce
Music : Brian Kotzur
Editor : Adam Robinson
Props : Garland  Gallaspy
Stylist Assistant : Lauren Edesstein
Production Assistant : Lauren Taylor
Models : Michelrica Hughes, Elizabeth Smith, Kiara Smith,
Miileah Morrison, Rashaani Wilson


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